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SDKBOX makes it super EASY and FREE mobile game developers to integrate 3rd party SDKs. We do all the hard, tedious and tricky work so that developers won’t have to. All services are tested and certified. Check out more information on SDKBOX's homepage.


SDKBOX supports free, easy-to-use, and certified plugins. They integrate the 3rd party libraries directly in the app, and talk to the services' backend without any proxy/middle layer. This design provides the best performance, stability, and compatibility.



SDKBOX LiveOps enables developers to receive the benefits of cloud based functionalities, such as live-updating Remote Configuration, server-side IAP receipts verification, and on-the-fly store catalog management. It helps to boost the mobile applications with extended features.

Learn more about SDKBOX LiveOps, and enjoy it on SDKBOX's homepage.


SDKBOX currently support the most popular mobile game engines. Click to learn more:


SDKBOX includes lots of useful services which are crucial for your games: