SDKBOX GUI Plugin for Cocos Creator

How to integrate SDKBox Plugin to Cocos Creator project with gui plugin


Before you start, make sure you have both CocosCreator 1.3.3+

Download sdkbox gui creator plugin

download SDKBox GUI plugin file, here it's name is sdkbox-1.0.0-beta.zip

Create Project

create a empty creator project, named it SDKBoxSampleGA

Install SDKBox GUI

install locall, available for one project

install global, available for all project

NOTE: if SDKBox menu not show, please reopen CocosCreator.

Install SDKBox Plugin


if you have not build your project, sdkbox windows maybe like this:

build project first

NOTE: make sure Start Scene is not null

SDKBox will prompt a query dialog, you can install sdkbox plugin now or later.

SDKBox import Google Analytics (GA)

Config SDKBox Plugin

edit ./build/jsb-default/res/sdkbox_config.json

    "android": {
        "GoogleAnalytics": {
            "trackingCode": "UA-62417901-1"
    "ios": {
        "GoogleAnalytics": {
            "track_init_screen": false,
            "trackingCode": "UA-62417901-1"

set trackingCode with your specific Google Analytics Tracking Code account information.

Invoke SDKBox Plugin

create a new script named GA.js and attach to a node, here attach to Canvas

    extends: cc.Component,

    properties: {

    onLoad: function () {
        if ('undefined' === typeof(sdkbox) || 'undefined' === typeof(sdkbox.PluginGoogleAnalytics)) {
        cc.log('GA init');

    logEvent: function() {
        if ('undefined' === typeof(sdkbox) || 'undefined' === typeof(sdkbox.PluginGoogleAnalytics)) {
        sdkbox.PluginGoogleAnalytics.logEvent("Test", "Click", "", 1);
        cc.log('GA log test');

add a button to scene, and make click attach to logEvent function

Build Project

Build Project (Shift + Command + B), this will sync new change to jsb-default project

Compile & Run

open ./build/jsb-defalut with Xcode, compile and run.